Why Do My Gums Have Pus?

It can be terrifying to realize that your gums are swollen or that there is pus oozing from your gums. You may wonder, why is this happening to me? What can I do to treat it?

Why Is There Pus Oozing from Your Gums?

A gum infection can reach the point where it leaves your face swollen and creates an oozing bubble with white or yellow pus in your gums. This is called a tooth abscess. Tooth abscesses are dental emergencies and must be addressed promptly. A tooth abscess can be painful and may require extensive dental treatment. The infection is actively attacking and destroying the bone that supports your tooth. Losing jawbone that supports your tooth is the primary reason why adults lose their teeth. This is not something to minimize.

How to Make an Infected Abscess Stop

When you visit the dentist, the first thing that they are going to do is look for a way to treat the infection. When the infection is under control, the pain usually disappears. Depending on the size and location of the infection, treatment may include antibiotics, a detailed cleaning around the gums, or root canal therapy to eliminate the cause of the infection. If the infection has damaged a large part of the bone, it may be necessary to remove some of the bone and do a dental graft. The goal is for the damaged bone to heal properly.

Identify the Source of the Abscess

In addition to treating the infection to reduce your pain, it’s important for your oral health professional to identify what caused the infection. In most cases, a dental abscess is caused because of bacteria in your mouth. If there is an infection in all your gums, it is not just enough to treat one abscess. The bacteria will need to be removed from all your gums and possibly from your teeth in order to prevent future abscesses.


Dental treatment may include a careful evaluation of your teeth for cavities to prevent the further spread of bacteria. The sooner an abscess is treated, the better the results will be. Parents should be especially vigilant in checking their children’s teeth. If a child complains of painful gums or if a parent notices swelling or pus in a child’s mouth, the child should be taken to the dentist immediately.


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