Should You Try Trendy Toothpaste Brands?

There are lots of interesting toothpaste brands on the market nowadays. These trendy brands are commonly found in health food stores and even on drug store shelves. For many people, it can get boring to use the same toothpaste brand their whole lives. Experimenting with other brands can bring a little excitement into a boring dental hygiene routine. But are these brands safe to use? How can you be sure a new brand really has in interest in your best oral health?

Some Brands More Dazzle and Less Substance

Trendy toothpaste brands often try to get you to switch by offering supposedly “innovate” ingredients, like essential oils or certain “newly discovered” herbs. They may also be flavored differently than traditional kinds of toothpaste, with flavors like lime, cucumber, and eucalyptus. Again, this makes trendy brands look more interesting on the shelves and smell and taste differently when you use them at home. Unfortunately, the focus needs to be on what the toothpaste can accomplish, not what it tastes like in your mouth.

Tartar Control and Cavity Prevention Need to Be the Focus

When choosing a toothpaste, you need to focus on preventing cavities and preventing tartar and plaque. Try not to be distracted by the pretty packaging and “revolutionary” ingredients. Your dentist should be the ultimate source for whether or not you use a new toothpaste. If you’re unsure about a particular brand, just call your dentist’s office.

Only One Sure Way to Know

The American Dental Association only gives its seal of approval to a toothpaste that meets their high standards. Once the toothpaste has undergone rigorous testing for quality and ingredients, the packaging can bear the American Dental Association’s seal of approval. This seal appears as a small box with the initials, ADA and the words, “American Dental Association.” When you see that on a box of toothpaste, you can be assured that it’s safe to use and will meet your dental hygiene needs. If that seal of approval is missing, then it’s really not a brand that you should probably be using.

Remember, your toothpaste can be a strong preventative tool to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Why take chances with something, just because it’s new and different?


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