Dental Fads of the Modern Day | Are They Safe?

Body modification is all about taking the body you have and making it more interesting, and some things have been deemed as perfectly safe other than a potential risk for infection. However, people are commonly making aesthetic changes to their smile in an effort to show their personality. Are these dental modification fads safe? Here is a look at the common dental fads of today.

Dental “Piercings”

Dental piercings are actually not really piercings at all; instead, small gemstones are placed into drilled cavities in the teeth and adhered in place. Some people opt for a dental piercing if they have a cavity that needs to be filled because it is convenient to have the gemstone added during the process. The safety of these placements is questionable, however, and very few dentists actually do this kind of thing.

Tooth Tattoos

Tooth tattoos are small graphic designs that can be applied to your smile in a few ways. One, a dentist can order a special crown that has been hand-painted with a design that is sealed in place and then install the crown over an existing tooth. Secondly, small sticker-like designs can be applied to a tooth and then sealed over with a special sealant. As long as tooth tattoos are done by a trustworthy professional, they are perfectly safe. No markings or unapproved materials should ever be applied to your teeth without a dentist’s guidance.

Mouth Grills

Mouth grills are synthetic mouth appliances that are usually made out of precious metals and gemstones. The grill slips into your mouth over your existing teeth to add some more bling to a smile. While most grills are safe, you do have to make sure you are buying a grill from a reliable seller. Some of these mouthpieces have been found to contain lead and other materials that are not good for your body. Plus, anything that has sharp edges could cut the soft tissues in your mouth and lead to an infection. Grills should also never be shared and should be properly cleaned after each use.

Reach out to Us to Find Out More About the Safety of Dental Fads

Dental alterations that are done without the guidance of a professional can lead to questionable outcomes for your oral health. Reach out to us at the office of Dr. S. Marc Dibenedetto DDS in Beavercreek, OH for more information.

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