Chewing Up The Common Myths About Dentures

A high percentage of people are without teeth, and getting dentures is often the most feasible option for smile replacement. Take a look at common myths about dentures so you can better understand how valuable these dental prosthetic devices can be.

Myth: Dentures always look like fake teeth.

A well-made set of dentures is not going to look like fake teeth. There are certain attributes that can make dentures look face, such as:

  • Tooth coloration that does not align with your skin tone or age
  • Teeth that do not fit the shape of your face (such as teeth that are too small or large)
  • Dentures that have teeth not properly spaced or aligned in a natural way

These issues will be avoided if you work with a good dentist. The professional will go to great lengths to ensure the dentures look as natural as possible.

Myth: Dentures must have glue to hold them in place.

Not all people who wear dentures have to use denture adhesives to keep the appliances from shifting in their mouths. Most people have a concave shape in the roof of their mouth. If dentures are made properly, they will seat in this concave and create a slight suction, which will hold them in place. Lower denture arches have to be made to reach far back on the gums where they can anchor in place. It is more common for denture wearers to need adhesive on the lower arch than the upper, but even this is not a given.

Myth: Dentures have to be replaced regularly.

A set of quality dentures can last many years without breaking down or having issues. You may see some general wear of the dentures the longer you have them, but this is not something that happens so quickly that most people notice. If you get a new set of dentures, and they are breaking down quickly, it is a good sign they were not made with high-quality materials.

Contact Us to Learn More About Dentures

Overall, dentures allow people without teeth to regain their smile, their chewing power, and their self-confidence. Contact us at the office of S. Marc Dibenedetto DDS if you would like to know more about dentures.


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