Best Ways to Knock Out Bad Breath Problems

About 50% of adults experience bad breath at some point. Other than causing embarrassment, the problem can be a sign of a serious medical complication. However, bad breath doesn’t necessarily mean you have other health issues. For many people, chronic bad breath is a sensitive topic, and no one would want to deal with it. Bad breath is caused by the buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Unlike what many people think, foods such as garlic may give you bad breath, but they are not usually the cause of the chronic condition. Here are natural ways to get rid of bad breath:

Drink Adequate Amounts of Water

Besides being annoying, the condition can lower your self-confidence and reduce your productivity at the workplace. You may even shy away from going for a date or attending an interview. Although there are many solutions for bad breath, one of the most common recommendations is increased water intake. How does this lead to a fresher breath? First, water acts as a natural cleanser for the mouth. It is believed to be more effective than mouthwash, which may result in a dry mouth due to the alcohol in it. When you take more water, you will not need to worry about dry mouth.

Avoid Too Much Sugars and Grains

Research has shown that sugars and grains are major causes of bad breath. The foods attract bacteria that cause bad breath. They promote the growth and action of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, reducing the intake of sugars and grains is an effective way of avoiding oral problems.

Healthier Fats Can Help

You can get a fresher breath by increasing the intake of healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil. Other foods that may provide more healthy fats are avocado and eggs. Nutritionists also recommend consuming limited amounts of fat-containing foods to ensure gut and digestive health.

Consider Supplements

Another common way of knocking out the oral problem is adding certain foods and supplements to your diet. Many medical professionals may prescribe probiotic supplements and peppermint essential oil. According to research, this type of oil helps to reduce the risk of halitosis. Additionally, remember to brush your teeth and floss twice daily.

Add Parsley to Your Diet

This is a popular solution for bad breath. It has a fresh scent and contains high amounts of chlorophyll, giving it a deodorizing effect. Some studies have shown that it is effective in getting rid of foul sulfur compounds. You can take them by chewing the fresh leaves or dietary supplements.

If you have bad breath, you can try these and other solutions. Talk to your dentist for more options.


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