A Look at the Links Between Heart Disease and Dental Problems

Even though the mouth is a functioning part of the body (teeth included), many people often disregard the links between the health of the body and how that can be a factor with the health of their smile. One particular medical condition can be linked to dental issues, and that medical condition is heart disease.

What Is Considered Heart Disease?

Heart disease is used as an umbrella term of sorts to describe multiple kinds of diseases and conditions that affect the heart. Coronary artery disease, diseases that affect vessels in the heart, and even congenital heart defects fall into this category. Even though high blood pressure and other similar conditions are not necessarily heart disease, they can put an individual at a higher risk of heart disease.

How Does Heart Disease Affect Your Oral Health?

Heart disease can affect your oral health because it changes how much oxygen-rich blood is getting too soft tissues and teeth. Gums and teeth rely on healthy blood flow to remain healthy, and without it, there can be drastic differences in oral health. This is why gum disease and heart disease are so closely related. On the opposite side of the spectrum, poor oral health can also directly put you at risk of heart disease. For example, bacteria from an unhealthy mouth can get in your bloodstream and affect your heart.

Are There Signs of Heart Disease in Your Mouth?

Multiple things that take place in the mouth can be a sign that heart disease is an underlying health concern. problems with loose teeth, changes in the color or health of the gums, or even excessive tooth decay can all be signs that something is going on with the heart. This is especially the case if an individual is practicing good oral hygiene and still has issues with some of the aforementioned symptoms.

Talk to Us About Dental Health and Heart Health in Beavercreek, OH

In the end, taking good care of your teeth could help you maintain a healthy heart, and vice versa. The dentist may even be able to spot signs of heart disease in your mouth. Reach out to us at the dental office of S. Marc Dibenedetto D.D.S. for more information about the links between heart disease and dental problems.

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